The Claims of Christ & the Reliability of the Gospels


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38 min. (1 CD / MP3)

Society seems to be drowning in conspiracy theories. From the “Da Vinci Code” onwards, the popular media has fed into this conspiracy mania by calling into question the very foundations of our Faith. Can we know that the Gospels are truthful and reliable? Could Christ’s miracles in the Gospels really be fabrications? How do we know that there aren’t other “gospels” that give a more authentic account of who Jesus really is?

In this information packed talk, Gary Michuta takes these conspiracy theories head on, showing that Catholics stand on solid ground in affirming the veracity of the Gospels and the truth of the Catholic Faith.

This presentation will address questions such as:

• Is Jesus of Nazareth the promised Messiah?
• Could Jesus have “staged” His own Messianic pedigree?
• Why did the Messiah turn out to be greater than what the Jews expected?
• Could the Gospels have fabricated their accounts of Jesus’ miracles?
• How does the reaction of Jesus’ enemies support the Gospels’ account of His miracles?
• What does the disciples’ transformation tell us about the resurrection being a real, historical fact?
• Is it really possible for Christ’s disciples to reproduce accurately everything He said and did?
• Does the New Testament show any evidence that the information recorded was “encoded” so as to be an accurate transmission?
• How do we know that our copies of the New Testament are identical to the original?
• How do we know that other books, like the Gospel of Thomas or the Gospel of Judas, weren’t part of the original deposit of Faith handed on by the Apostles?
• How do we know what is the correct interpretation of Scripture?

Is Christianity true? This introduction to Christian apologetics will give you a new perspective on the integrity and veracity of the Catholic Faith.