Priest: The Man of God



This TAN Books edition of “Priest: The Man of God” by St. Joseph Cafasso, features the complete text of the title, along with a supplemental reading section entitled “Confession: Its Fruitful Practice.” We’ve also included unique hand-selected classic artwork for the reader’s enjoyment, exclusive to this eBook edition of “Priest: The Man of God” from TAN Books.

Priest: The Man of God:
If every priest in the Church knew this book and practiced what it says, we would have a different Church. Says the priesthood admits no mediocrity: A priest will either be a true priest and do immense good, or he will be an instrument of great evil. Gives firm, practical instruction to priests for both their personal lives and their ministry on topics including delicacy of conscience, hearing confessions, providing a good example, etc. Written by one of the greatest priests who ever lived.

Confession: Its Fruitful Practice:
This wonderful and practical little book explains clearly and thoroughly how to make a good Confession but in much greater detail than covered in most catechisms.