A Man Approved



Fr. Leo Trese was the last of five children, born in Michigan in 1902 to a grocer and his wife. Everyone worked in the family store-which, he noted, like all such, extended credit to virtually all its customers (your word was your bond a hundred years ago). He grew up reading books at the library, and entered the Benedictines as a young man, teaching at a Catholic girls school and working with orphans. He wrote seven very popular books and many articles, “with two fingers on my typewriter.” He spent his spare time “bowling, golfing, playing cards with my priest friends, and a little visiting with my ten nieces and nephews and their 35 children.” This book for priests was written also to show laypeople how to deal with them, understand them, and help them in their highest calling. The importance of priestly duties of Mass, Divine Office and mental prayer The proper attitude of a priest in Confession Practical advice for sermon preparation and preaching The importance of poverty and obedience, even for a secular priest On chastity: “If a priest were to betray his own vow, his fall wouldn’t begin with a lack of discretion. It would begin with a neglect of the spirit and practice of prayer.” “Charity is the virtue that ought to be the burden of all our prayers.” Reflections on pride and humility Recreation for the priest The marks of the truly “apostolic priest” 19 suggestions for good reading Fr. Trese’s unique meditations on the Passion, Real Presence, Mary Motivation for maintaining the habit of a daily Holy Hour What is sure to “transform our lives as priests”