6mm Hematite Semi-Precious Stone Warrior’s Rosary




Our Father medals feature the following saints who go into spiritual battle with you each time you pray this rosary:

  1. St. Joseph, Terror of Demons
  2. St. Michael, Invincible Warrior
  3. St. George, The Great Martyr
  4. St. Ignatius, Father General
  5. St. Louis IX, Lieutenant of God
  6. St. Jose del Rio, Viva Cristo Rey

Designed by the author of the book, “Called to Knighthood”, Thomas K Sullivan, and manufactured in Italy, this rosary is the only¬†one-of-its-kind¬†design spanning over 10 years.

This Warriors Rosary brings together the elements of “Military Combat” and “Spiritual “Warfare” and places one of the most powerful weapons in spiritual warfare into your hands.

Available in both a semi-precious stone “genuine hematite” with its chainmail armor color, and a “Bohemian glass” with its deep Red color, both tying in the concept of knights and warriors.