Cooperatores Veritatis

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The mission of the Catholic Information Center is to proclaim the fullness of the Catholic faith in Jesus Christ, in joyful adherence to the Magisterium, using the most viable means of communication available.


Newman's Bookshoppe offers thousands of faithfully Catholic Books in theology, philosophy, and literature. Whether you are looking for doctrinal, liturgical, spiritual, pastoral, or catechetical resources, we can serve your needs.


Newman's Bookshoppe offers a variety of Sacred Art, Sacred Music, icons, medals, and more. It is the Catholic Faith's teaching that beauty, a transcendental property of Being, lead's to the Truth which saves and Goodness which finds its expression in Charity.


Newman's Bookshoppe is a Catholic Apostolate which relies on the generosity of the Faithful and all people of good will to keep our doors open. The mission of Newman's Bookshop has always been fidelity to the Catholic Faith and Evangelization. As Mother Angelica was wont to say, "Please remember to keep us between your gas and electric bill!".